When Light Becomes Art

Detail lighting are proud to announce the launch of their stunning NEW range of products.

Here you will find luxurious and bespoke lighting designs which blend seamlessly with their surroundings. A touch of simplicity along with a selection of crisp, clean lines and soft materials, further enhance any design project. Whether you are looking for sophisticated home lighting, or an artistic upgrade combined with optimum functionality for commercial premises -  then look no further.

Working with specialist photographer Marco joe Fazio, we demonstrate fully, the beauty and elegance that can be achieved using lighting as an integral part of living and lifestyle. Lighting is an emotive energy which changes the ambience of a room, and our senses in response to it. When these two mediums collaborate in such a way, our designs produce additional lifestyle benefits throughout this form of visual stimulation.

By combining 'Light & Art' in this manner, we have successfully brought our NEW and bespoke designs to life in a full-blown sensory experience.

"The success of the lighting solution is more complex than just price vs quality. We believe through our own experience, that quality does not always mean the highest price"

*Detail lighting also produce sketched themes that will bring your own visions to life; saving you valuable time.