MOTOLUX Zoom - 48v Stucchi

Product Code:
Moto-Zero zoom

Full specification and photometrics please follow link

Motorized track mounted 48V low voltage spotlight with light head and mounting arm in cast aluminium.
Moto-Zero Zoom 48V low voltage is available in 2 different light head diameters: 40mm and 80mm.
The integrated track adapter is compatible with different models of Stucchi low voltage track system.
Easy to insert and remove from the track.
Two DC motors drive the movements of the fixture, which is tiltable vertically up to 90° and rotatable horizontally 350°.
A third motor controls a special lens, which allows the user to shape the light beam from narrow to wide diffuse.
The movements and the beam shaping of the fixture, as well as the intensity and the colour tuning of the light, are controlled via CASAMBI™ application.

Special Notes:
Driver 48V input integrated. Motion Control: Casambi. Dimming Options: Casambi. Colour Tuning: Casambi.
Why Use This?
The 48V Low Voltage evolution of the Moto-Zero Zoom. Easy to install and to control, the fixture enable users to focus on a narrow to wide spot at the touch of a button. Application areas: retail, museums, hospitality, residential, lobbies.