Product Code:
DT.LED-LINEAR (add suffix see below)

Linear LED in-ground (& ceiling fixture), fixed IP rated.

Contemporary clean, seamless lines walk-over. Custom lengths. Suitable for all wet areas . Dimmable.

Please specify length required and cable exit position using diagrams below.

Read our guide on LED Recessed Linear Lighting.

Colour Finish RAL:
Anodised -75 or RAL on request
Light Source:
A. (2835) 10w/m LED 140deg (900 lms/m) 24v DC
B. (2835) 15w/m LED 140deg (1250 lms/m) 24v DC
C. (5050) 15W/m RGB 140deg (400 lms per colour/m) 24v DC
Colour Temp & CRI
2700K/ 3000K / 4000K / RGB to order)
CRI 90+
Optional Accessories:
A. Male/female gland connections
B. See p.2-3 for driver options
C. fixing lugs by request
Dimensions (mm):
18 × 16
Cut out Dimension (mm):
Special Notes:
ADD 20MM TO LENGTH TO ACCOMODATE POWER JOINT Remote driver Through wiring as an optional extra Recommended to be bonded to substrate
Why Use This?

Contemporary clean, seamless lines walk-over. Custom lengths. Suitable for all wet areas. Dimmable.

LED linear lighting has been a feature of commercial interior design for some time, and is now infiltrating the domestic market as homeowners look to emulate the chic design of high-end hotels and hospitality venues.

Detail Lighting supply linear LED lighting for applications such as ceiling, wall floor and cabinets / joinery. LED linear lighting is made up of light-emitting diodes (LED) that are packed together in a long, narrow housing to form a strip of light.

This continuous line of light is both practical and effective in creating mood and accents of light that transform any style of room or outside space. LED linear strip lighting can be recessed to take up less space and create a unique effect.

Benefits of LED linear lighting

- LED linear lighting provides uninterrupted light. There are no dark spots typically found with traditional lighting
- Rooms feel larger with LED linear lighting because the strip is set back into a surface to project the light onto a large area of the room or space
- LED linear lighting is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting and is much cheaper to run
- The interior design of a room is enhanced by the accents created by LED linear lighting
- LED linear lights are robust and long-lasting, thereby offering a great return on investment

Applications for LED linear lighting

LED linear lighting can be used for various applications. Many designers and architects select LED linear lighting to highlight architectural features or specific objects in a room.

Whether in the home or a commercial setting, LED linear lighting provides great light coverage with a subtle intensity for a productive, contemporary workspace.

LED linear lighting can be used for on-trend suspended lighting effects. By raising or lowering the height of fixtures, the intensity of light from the LED lighting is adjusted. Direct LED linear lighting provides effective task lighting while indirect linear lighting creates ambiance and mood.

In commercial spaces, LED linear lighting can be used to enhance collaborative areas. It equally distributes light across the room while also providing the required intensity of task lighting.

LED linear lighting is perfect for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Whether it is used to enhance an exterior feature, illuminate external spaces or to highlight walkways, LED linear lighting creates a contemporary feel and extends the warmth of interior design to the exterior space.


Does LED linear lighting come in fixed lengths?
No, you can specify the lengths you require. The cable exit position should also be specified. Can LED linear lighting be used in wet areas?

What colour temperatures are available?
2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Are fixing lugs supplied?
These are available upon request

Is LED linear lighting dimmable?

Does LED linear lighting provide good visibility?
Yes. You’ll benefit from better visibility with LED linear lighting.

Is LED linear lighting energy efficient? Yes. Although the level of light output is the same as from fluorescent lighting, LED linear lighting uses far less energy and is therefore cheaper to run.