Architectural Lighting for Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Interiors

Detail Lighting has over 25 years’ experience in creating and delivering architectural lighting for inspirational work and living spaces.

Architectural lighting plays a vital role in creating depth and warmth, whether in an interior or exterior setting. Architects and designers are focussing more on lighting detail than ever before. The design and functionality ofevery architectural light fitting are carefully considered at all stages of each project.

Architectural lighting
Architectural lighting supplied to South Bank, London

Architectural Lighting Trends

Over the years there have been many different trends in architectural lighting for commercial, residential and hospitality interiors. More recently, when considering commercial lighting or residential lighting design, the emphasis has been on minimalism, sustainability and functionality, thereby crossing the divide between design and end-user benefits.

Due to the focus on energy saving, an area that has seen a huge increase in demand is interior LED lighting. LED bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Although they cost more to buy, the energy savings and exceptional life span have made LED bulbs the future of home and commercial lighting.

Interior LED Lighting Specialists

As specialists in the design and supply of interior LED lighting, Detail Lighting has vast experience in the more technical areas of interior LED lighting. These include colour temperature, intensity, colour rendering, and the positioning of the light source.

LED lightingStunning exterior lighting at a residential property. View the rest of our projects here.

Linear LED lighting is not a new trend in architectural lighting, but it continues to be popular due to its versatility. Linear LED systems can be recessed, surface-mounted or suspended for commercial lighting in offices and shops, following the architectural contours of ceilings, floors and walls.

In residential lighting, Linear LED systems can be used for illuminating statement features, as task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, or integrated in shelving, staircases or walls.

Decorative pendants

An architectural lighting design that is increasingly popular in both commercial lighting and residential lighting schemes is decorative pendants. These beautifully chic, architectural light fittings are seen in most hospitality spaces, making them a popular choice with residential customers, keen to replicate the same ambiance at home.

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