With 25 years’ experience, Detail Lighting creates beautiful, functional lighting design to separate your project from the ordinary.


Welcome to the Detail Lighting website where you will find the very best in lighting design. With inspirational light fixtures suitable for all situations, we supply stylish, well-designed products at affordable prices. All our products are compatible with UK lighting regulations.

Experience vs Price

The success of the lighting solution is more complex than price vs quality.
We believe experience and quality does not always come at the highest price .
What we offer for:


The designer

a valuable ‘checking & finessing’ of your scheme; includes any ‘bespoke’ products that can be created.

The architect

Detail is able produce sketch schemes and show your clients the lighting effect, saving valuable time.

The developer

All of the above plus we know how to maximise the effect for your set-budget. Few companies are prepared to do the extra work needed.

The AV Integrator

Detail have supplied our drivers and LEDs for all the known brands, we regularly partner with AV integrators so you can supply the whole package.

The Contractor

Field based plus desk based engineers, we understand the install process and specialised schematics for complex schemes. We are contractor friendly.

Solution finding, help and advice at the heart of Detail Lighting

Lighting design plays such an important role in the success of any interior or exterior space. Whether a commercial or residential setting, mood, task lighting or purely for design purposes, it’s essential the lighting fulfils its brief. So it makes sense to work with a lighting specialist who understands every aspect of lighting design.

Nov 23, 2021

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The Cortes 48V track system for design versatility

The Cortes 48V track system is an slimline, low voltage linear LED lighting system that brings stylish, ambient lighting to commercial spaces such as retail, offices, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Oct 13, 2021

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'what we are'

We are pleased to present our latest company profile

Dec 4, 2020

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Track & Spots

Find out more about the latest exciting track light innovations

Dec 1, 2020

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The Detail in Light

“We are adaptable, and able to engineer products to the exact dimensions that a designer requires. We can also prepare coloured or plated finishes and other customisation in time and in budget.”

Detail Lighting has full in-house design and specification resources in addition we commission and collaborate with recognised lighting consultants who have trust in our products.  We are able to provide the whole project service; design, specification and supply. We achieve this with in-house engineers and field-based technical managers that can attend to site queries confidently, which is a bonus on entire projects. This complete lighting solution provides advantages even in the design stage where Detail would be involved.

Light can be White, White, White or White.